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Judge Barbara Nellermoe

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Kim Palmer

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Sara Murray

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Leslie Sara Hyman

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Pat H. Autry

Board of Editors
Sherry M. Barnash
Barry H. Beer
Charles Butts
Merritt Clements
Gayla Corley
Ryan V. Cox
Andrea Crouch
Paul Curl
Cristina Tijerina DeLeon
Jane Rankin Dure
Tanya Feinleib
Jose Galvan
Shannon Greenan
Gilbert S. Gonzalez
Stephen H. Gordon
Per Hardy
Sam Houston
Rob Killen
Rob Loree
Burke C. Marold
Hugh McWilliams
Harry Munsinger
Curt Moy
Steve Peirce
Donald R. Philbin
Rob Ramsey
Yanira Marie Reyes
James Rodriguez
Alexis Adams Scott
Ronald D. Smith
Regina Stone-Harris
Johnny W. Thomas
David Willis
Natalie Wilson
Kevin Yeary

The San Antonio Lawyer magazine is the official bi-monthly publication of the San Antonio Bar Association. Read by over 3,200 attorneys, each issue features articles written by and about the San Antonio/Bexar County legal community.

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