WELCOME TO THE SAN ANTONIO BAR ASSOCIATION, one of the premier local bar associations in the United States with a proud history of service going back more than a century.  The San Antonio Bar Association is dedicated to this mission:

To serve our clients and the public with the highest degree of dedication and professionalism in the continuing pursuit of equal justice for all under law.


With San Antonio's largest bar organization, the opportunities for networking are unparalleled. Monthly luncheons and other events give members an easy way to expand their circle of contacts.

But you probably already knew that.

Here are a few more things membership gives you:

  • Lowest rate of any big-city bar membership. Annual dues for newly-licensed attorneys are only $35!
  • Access to SABA's mentoring program, so you can learn from the mistakes of experienced lawyers and side step the pitfalls of legal practice.
  • Low-cost MCLE on a variety of topics. The monthly luncheons also provide MCLE credit. In fact, attending 10 luncheons gives you approximately half of your annual requirement -- and a great lunch too!
  • Free subscription to SABA's award-winning monthly newsletter, the Subpoena, and the bi-monthly magazine, the San Antonio Lawyer, to keep you up-to-date on what's happening. Members can place free "Briefly" announcements in the Subpoena.
  • A place in SABA's annual pictorial directory, which contains the photographs and addresses of SABA members. Being in the book gives your practice name-brand status and a face to go with the name. Members receive the SABA directory free.
  • With 20 committees, it's easy for like-minded members to share interests. 

In fact, serving as a member of one of the various committees offers tremendous opportunities for growth. For example, attorneys can:

  • PARTICIPATE in the development and maintenance of SABA's technology needs (Computer & Technology committee)
  • WORK with judges and other attorneys to improve the efficiency and performance of the county court system, gaining valuable knowledge while doing so. (County Courts committee)
  • GROW as an attorney by getting involved as a mentor or mentee in SABA’s Mentor Committee
  • PARTICIPATE in the development of local rules (District Courts committee)
  • HEAR and decide fee disputes between attorneys and clients (Fee Dispute committee)
  • SERVE as an investigator and advocate for fellow attorneys involved with disputes with physicians (Medical-Legal Liason committee)
  • INVESTIGATE and prosecute complaints against individuals practicing law without a license (Unauthorized Practice of Law committee)

These are but a few examples. Please call us for more information, and we will send you a list with detailed descriptions of the committees so you can contact their chairs.

SABA also offers opportunities for professional development through its various sections, including Appellate Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, International Law, Natural Resources, Real Estate Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. These sections are individual organizations of SABA that the lawyers themselves form to enhance knowledge in a particular area of law. Most sections meet every month and provide MCLE credit for their meetings.

From the San Antonio Bar Association Policies and Procedures Manual:

Membership Application Procedure

Officers & Directors Election Procedure




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