San Antonio Bar Foundation logoThe San Antonio Bar Foundation was formed in July 1984 to promote justice through educational and charitable activities. The Foundation has evolved into a dynamic organization with over 500 Fellows committed to our community.

The Foundation supports community programs that help the youth, the elderly, the poor and others who face special challenges in the pursuit of justice in our society. In particular, it supports the
Community Justice Program, People's Law School, the Amigos in Mediation (AIM) Program and other pro bono projects.
The San Antonio Bar Foundation is celebrating its 30th year of proud service to the community. Over the years the Foundation has enriched the lives of children, the elderly and the poor through a variety of programs designed to promote justice for all.

The Foundation's membership is strong and vibrant, with almost 500 distinguished Fellows, including 136 Life Fellows and 74 Sustaining Life Fellows. In 2007-2008, the Foundation donated over $54,000 in charitable gifts to worthy programs and organizations, including the Community Justice Program, the San Antonio Bar Association's award-winning pro bono program. In addition to a significant giving program, the Foundation also transferred $75,000 to the endowment fund for future giving. through annual contributions to the endowment fund since 2000, and through prudent investment strategies managed by Frost Bank, the endowment fund is now over $500,000. This significant benchmark takes your Foundation more than half way toward its goal of building the endowment for future giving to a minimum of one million dollars by 2011, while maintaining a high level of support for the community at the same time.

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