Task Forces

Task Forces

To achieve success in short-term inquiries or projects, the Board may implement Task Forces. Different from Committees, Task Forces are devoted to a singular goal and are acting for a short time frame, often not reactivated for many years after their conclusions are presented to the Board. The President appoints a member of the Board to Chair a Task Force, which is made up of appointed members from SABA and our community at-large. At the completion of the Task Force’s project, the Chair presents its findings to the Board, which then takes appropriate action.

Active Task Forces:

Strategic Planning Task Force

Chair: Santos Vargas, Vice President
Members: Bobby Barrera, David Evans, Christine Reinhard, Ryan Cox, Katy David, Sam Houston III, Cliff Robertson, Larkin Chenault, June Moynihan, Erin Boren, Shannon Kingman, Alexis De Sela.

Financial Planning Task Force

Chair: David Evans, Treasurer
Members: Katy David, Jaime Vasquez, Dan Stich, Larkin Chenault, David Meriwether.

Bar Offices Task Force

Chair: Beth Watkins, President-Elect
Members: Bobby Barrera, Sara Dysart, Henry B. Gonzalez, Phil Hardberger, Mark Sessions, Tommy Smith, Larkin Chenault, June Moynihan.